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There's a Line Between Smoking and Cosmetic Surgery

Girl smoking
Photo Credit: Thelmagazine.com

At some point, you would think that anyone can be a good candidate for plastic surgery in Thailand. Do you ever wonder why every surgeon or any medical tourism specialist would ask an interested patient whether or not he/she is a smoker? Surely, smoking will always be dangerous for your health. It has a lot of negative effects not just for your body, but to your appearance as well. Smoking is the number one cause of aging, staining your teeth, and a lot more risks. No, smoking isn't the path that would lead you to the fountain of youth.

Smoking Affects the Healing Power


You may have a successful plastic cosmetic surgery, but you have to think about what could happen next. The nicotine, present in every stick you light, closes your blood vessels. You have to keep in mind that oxygen is needed to fight infections and most of all, keeping your tissues come alive. Although Thailand cosmetic surgery is known for their safe and successful medical procedures, you have to take note that just as any type of surgery, the element of risk and complications still exist. Smoking affects your healing power. Remember that you always want to enjoy your recovery period as much as you are excited to see the results the soonest possible time. You don't want to ruin this event. 


What if you couldn't completely quit? 

Before you decide and choose from the Thailand plastic surgery packages available, you have to make some certain preparations prior to flying to the Land of Smiles. Don't get excited yet, by heading to exploring a unique destination while taking advantage of a transformation. Ideally, most surgeons would ask you to completely quit smoking. After all, you are on the road to a new 'you'. If not, at least you could quit during the duration of the transformation process. Quitting may be a struggle for some people, but at least 3 weeks before, not to mention after the surgery is required. 


Maybe, it's about time... 


As you consider undergoing a Thai plastic surgery, you may also want to consider on quitting smoking. It's about time you should take this seriously. Again, any medical procedures would always take the patient to a level of risk. Although it may not happen to everyone, but some can be prone to complications and infections. Do it for the sake of an ageless beauty. This is what your goal is, right? Don't compromise, nor let this moment pass. There is no shortcut to enhance your body and beauty, rather there is a better way where you can achieve what you have desired for. 


Look upon the non-smokers. If they can enjoy a safe and lasting surgery, plus, an added bonus - a quick recovery, you too can realize all these. Don't let this moment to enhance your body and beauty pass. There's a line between smoking and cosmetic surgery, you wouldn't want to create a link in the middle. Or else, you wouldn't be able to achieve that body and self-image you have in mind. 

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