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Breast Augmentation VS Breast Lift

It seems that cosmetic surgery in Thailand has become popular. You can imagine the number of not only women, but men who wish to take a journey to a country with unique and distinctive people and culture. Thailand has been known to have developed medical tourism. In fact, even if it is offered in their home country, these potential candidates for a cosmetic surgery still prefer to travel across the ocean. It's the cost of the surgery package which is cheaper than taking it in their home country and the opportunity to have a make over and have a vacation at the same time. 

One of the most in demand surgery is the breast enhancement Thailand packages. Women who are no longer happy with their breast take advantage of the offers. Thus, they contact a medical tourism specialist and request for a schedule for an appointment with a surgeon. Taking this journey to a new and enhanced body takes a decision to make. It could be that you only just needed to have your breasts raised and lifted to make it look firmer. Or most probably, breast implants in Thailand is what you would need to enhance your breast size and shape. No matter the type or kind of surgery you will take, it is always wise to prepare and know which way you would go. 


Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation VS Breast Lift

You look in the mirror and you see yourself. Are you happy with your breasts? You look at your friends and sometimes wish, you too could flaunt your body. This is the reason more women have opted to have a breast enlargement in Thailand. Along with the technology and your surgeon's knowledge and skills, this kind of surgery has not only become simpler, but safer as well. Thailand breast implants – this procedure still continues to grow in its popularity. 


Are you the right candidate for this surgery?


You have to admit, having small breasts is unattractive. Moreover, women who just gave birth are unhappy with their breast's appearance and shape. How about those women who lost a few pounds? They may think they have won the battle, yet when you look at their breast size, it does not seem to make a match with their body. These women wanted to have a proportioned figure. If you think you belong to these numbers of women who have been struggling to achieve their goals, make a decision now. Did you know that taking this surgery have not just boost their breast, but their confidence and personality as well. 


The Procedure


You may be quite familiar with this medical procedure, where a silicone or saline implants are inserted onto your breasts. The surgery will only take an hour or two, yet it will take a week or so to recover. Yes, it may sound simple and easy and it is. All it takes is to have the right surgeon to perform the procedure. 


Breast Lift


This is also known as mastopexy. Unlike the augmentation mammoplasty where an implant is inserted, this procedure involves breast enhancement by lifting and raising your saggy breast to make them look firmer. 


Only a surgeon knows which procedure would suit your need. This is the reason, having a discussion with them is an essential. It is not just to prepare your body and yourself for your medical journey, but again, to be directed to reach your goal. 



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