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When Technology Flattens Your Tummy

Believe it or not, taking advantage of these Thailand surgery packages has become popular. As people are getting ready to show off more skin this summer and even on spring break, men and women try to do a lot of rigid diet and exercise. However, no matter how much you try, it is difficult to achieve that flat stomach you have always wanted. And then you thought of another alternative. A combination of tummy tuck and liposuction allows you to achieve a slimmer waist. 

What is a tummy tuck?


You may have heard of this kind of Thailand surgery, but do not have any idea what and how this procedure goes. In our previous post, we talked about a different cosmetic surgery in Thailand. Lipoplasty or also known as liposuction has been so popular that anyone could not wait to meet their plastic surgery doctor and allow them to perform the medical procedure. Perhaps, these people are also considering technology to enhance their body and beauty.


Tummy tuck is a kind of medical procedure wherewith excess skin and fat deposited in the tummy area are removed. This surgery enables to have a flatten and slimmer waist. There are just stubborn fat deposits that could not be removed with plain diet and exercise. As you read on, we will discuss how technology will be able to enhance and allow you to flaunt your body this spring break or this summer. 


Are you a candidate for this surgery?


Perhaps, you have already thought of booking a ticket to Thailand or probably searched for a credible medical tourism specialist. At this point, you have recognized that these women are considering taking a medical travel rather than taking it in their home country. Most possibly, it's the cost and the quality that is keeping them take the medical journey. Knowing all these, are you ready to go across the ocean and come back to your home country looking anew?


Have you just lost weight? You may notice that you will have those loose folds of skin. Yes, you may have lost a few pounds naturally, but looking at the mirror and thinking, there wouldn't be any other way of losing those excess fat and skin in your tummy but to undergo a surgery. Moreover, women who just gave birth and do not have any plans of having more children are candidates for this surgery. It is known that tummy tuck can boost confidence as your body is enhanced. You don't have to feel conscious, looking at those flabby and overhanging stomach. 

Lipoplasty Surgery in Thailand

The Surgery


General anesthesia is applied to the patient as he undergoes the procedure. Normally, the patient is advised to stay overnight in the hospital despite the procedure will last only for an hour to a couple, depending on the patient's demands. An incision is made around the affected area. Thereby, loose skin and fatty deposits are removed. 

Recovery will take only a few days. You will experience swelling and bruising at the start of the recovery stage. This is but temporary. Later on, you should be able to see a slimmer and flattened tummy. 

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