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Facelift Surgery: Is it Safe?

botox and filler in Thailand

Men and women chose to undergo facial surgeries in Thailand because of the benefits they can enjoy. There are plenty of reasons people undergo cosmetic surgeries but all these could be summed up to one reason - these people are no longer happy looking at their saggy and wrinkled skin. But why Thailand? You may want to ask this question to yourself too. Why would you go abroad when you can just look for a credible cosmetic surgeon in your home country and undergo the surgery in there? You may not have known that Thailand is known for having the best cosmetic surgeons not to mention the facilities and the place where you will be having your recovery period is simply ecstatic. Not to mention, the prices for plastic surgery is lesser when you undergo in Thailand. This is most commonly referred to medical travel. This is where patients travel to Thailand, undergo the surgery and recover and relax in a tropical place with good scenery, lovely and friendly people, and good food. Sometimes, people would call it a medical vacation. You travel and relax and as soon as you arrive to your home country, your friends would be surprised seeing your new look. However, there's only one last question before you say yes to this journey. Is it safe?


What to expect from the surgery?


Facial plastic surgery procedures are simple to understand. Think of it as magic. Are you seeing too much lines on your face which make you look older? Do you have premature skin caused by excessive smoking? Do you have double chin and other signs of aging? If you have answered yes to all of these questions, then a facelift surgery is the solution. So, what can you expect if you choose to have a cosmetic in Thailand?


The surgery will last for 3 hours or less. While the surgery is performed, the patient will be under general anaesthetic. This means, she will hardly feel no pain when the surgery is performed. During this time, incisions will be made. This should enable the surgeon to maneuver on the tissue and the skin in the areas of the face in order to achieve a younger looking skin. After, the doctor will be closing the incision with stitches that are barely visible. This is how a cosmetic surgery in Thailand would look like.


Although there would be swelling on the face, but you have to keep in mind that these are but temporary. This will begin to subside to as early as first week from the surgery. Thereby, you will have the chance to enjoy your medical travel.


What are the risk of having the surgery?


Facelift is one of the most common cosmetic procedures that do not have any complications. However, whatever the type of surgery it would be, it would always carry with the element of risk. Again, the decision is yours whether or not you will make this happen. So far, men and women who have undergone this surgery are enjoying their new youthful looking face.